There are several benefits namely:

  1. You can be a free member for as long as you like
  2. As a free member you can look at all the profiles
  3. You can update your profile at any time
  4. You can post your boating desires as a free member.
  5. Premium members can exchange contact details the same day as they sign up
  6. 6.Free SSL ( secured sockets layer ) protection for premium members. This gives security for your credit card information.
  7. Your membership never expires.
  8. Premium members have unlimited contacts per day.
  9. If you plan to charter a boat in the Caribbean, you can meet other couples to share the cost.
  10. Form a partnership with other members and buy a boat together. This feature alone could save you thousands of dollars.
  11. If you are a marine biologist this site could be helpful to you too.

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