1. It is usually best to meet your friend in a public place before scheduling the first boat ride.
  2. Boating Friends List LLC does not conduct criminal background checks on anyone.
  3. Be aware of someone who asks for money if you have never met in person
  4. Be aware if someone asks you to assist with depositing funds either by wire or credit card.
  5. Uses different names on the site.
  6. The person might ask an inappropriate question.
  7. Never share financial information such as credit card number or bank account number.
  8. Never give out your mother’s maiden name or social security number.
  9. Don’t incur large expenses in a boat operation such as fuel without an agreement as to how costs will be divided.
  10. Don’t share account password with anyone.
  11. Tell a friend or family member when and where you will be boating.
  12. Even though it has limited range, it is best to carry a cell phone when out on the water. Be sure to have emergency phone numbers too.
  13. It would be a great idea to carry a handheld VHF radio, handheld GPS, and, of course, a personal EPIRB.

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